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Download size: 4.0 MB - Latest version: 1.1
Works in Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7.


Uninstalr is an easy to use and very accurate software uninstaller for Windows. It can uninstall multiple apps at the same time and we think it’s pretty cool.

Key Features



The main screen shows all the installed software in your system, as well as how much data they occupy.

Uninstalr creates this list by analyzing the entire computer, not merely reading the same list Windows Apps & Features uses.

Uninstalr Screenshot - Main Screen

Uninstalr Screenshot - Data listing before uninstallation

Before the uninstallation, you will see every single file, folder, registry key and registry entry the specific app has created to your system.

All this data is automatically detected by Uninstalr, and automatically removed if you choose to proceed with the uninstallation.

Uninstalr uses a custom uninstallation engine, that is how it is able to also detect leftovers of previously uninstalled apps.

For example, in this screenshot, leftovers from an old installation of Winzip are detected.

Uninstalr Screenshot - Leftovers detection

Uninstalr Screenshot - Settings

If you want, you can also let Uninstalr to monitor when you install any new app, and it will detect its data while you install it.

You can make Uninstalr to look and feel the way you want to.

Also notice how it comes with translations builtin. You can change the language of the program's UI by simply choosing the translation from the list.

All this in under 4 MB!

Uninstalr Screenshot - Settings

Feature Comparison

Uninstalr sure looks pretty but how does it actually compare against other Windows uninstallers, you might be wondering right now.

Well, aren’t you lucky since we compiled you this handy comparison table so you can see for yourself:

Feature Uninstalr Bulk Crap Uninstaller Geek Uninstaller HiBit Uninstaller IObit Uninstaller Free Revo Uninstaller Pro Total Uninstall Windows Apps & Features
Batch uninstall info Supports icon Fail icon No Fail icon Fail icon Fail icon No * No
New installation monitoring info Supports icon No No Supports icon Supports icon Supports icon Supports icon No
Single view listing info Supports icon Supports icon No No No No No Supports icon
Portable info Supports icon Supports icon Supports icon Supports icon No Supports icon Yes ** -
Dark mode support info Supports icon No Supports icon Supports icon Supports icon Supports icon Supports icon Supports icon
Size info 3.9 MB 189 MB 6.5 MB 11.1 MB 119 MB 70 MB 26.8 MB -
License info Free Free Freemium Free Freemium 30 day free trial 30 day free trial Free

* = Total Uninstall seems to support batch uninstallation, but the user interface was so confusing, we didn't realize this feature existed. Selecting many apps and clicking uninstall does not start batch uninstallation.
** = Total Uninstall has a portable version, but the portable version package is available for download only after purchasing the technician license.

It must be noted that IOBit Uninstaller wants to install something called iTop VPN Free and iTop Screen recorder as pre-checked bundled software and it also suggests to install MioCreate Whiteboard as an optional bundled software. It is deeply ironic that a software uninstaller wants to install more nonsense to your computer and I cannot express how much I didn’t need these to be installed.


We could be talking about features all day long. But at the end of the day, only one thing should define what is the best uninstaller for Windows: How well it can uninstall apps.

Here at Uninstalr global headquarters (read: my basement), we hold one thing above anything else: Accuracy.

To test the accuracy of different uninstallers, we conducted the following uninstaller benchmark test.

Inside a VirtualBox virtual machine, we installed 28 popular Windows apps. Namely, these: 7-Zip, AIMP, AllDup, Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Software Updates, Audacity, Blender, Bonjour, Core Temp, Evernote, FastStone Image Viewer, FileZilla, Foxit PDF Reader, Internet Download Manager, IrfanView, iTunes, KMPlayer, KeePass 2, Mailbird, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Maintenance Service, Netflix, Paint.net, Spotify, TikTok, Winamp, Winrar and Winzip.

After these software were installed, a snapshot was created of the virtual machine, so the exact same system could be used with each of the uninstallers. Then, one by one and restoring the virtual machine state from the snapshot before each test, we installed and ran each of the uninstallers and used WinFindr to search how many files, folders, registry keys and registry entries remained in the system matching the names of the uninstalled apps. These we counted as leftovers.

Here are the results of this benchmark: How many leftovers of uninstalled apps remain after uninstalling each with the specific uninstaller.

Uninstall method Version Leftovers remaining after
Uninstalr 1.0 58
Bulk Crap Uninstaller 6341
Geek Uninstaller 797
HiBit Uninstaller 3.1.25 6822
IObit Uninstaller Free 6190
Revo Uninstaller Pro 5.1.7 6927
Total Uninstall 7.5.0 255
Windows Apps & Features Windows 10 Pro 22H2 7109

Bulk Crap Uninstaller claims to be able to batch uninstall software, but in this test it failed to automate the uninstallation of AIMP, Firefox, KMPlayer, Internet Download Manager, Spotify, IrfanView and WinRar and it required user’s help in uninstalling these apps.

Geek Uninstaller’s free version does not support batch uninstallation at all and we had to manually click through every uninstaller. It was as much fun as visiting a dentist.

HiBit Uninstaller claims to be able to batch uninstall software, but in this test it failed to automate the uninstallation of AIMP, Core Temp, Internet Download Manager, KMPlayer, Mailbird and Spotify and it required user’s help in uninstalling these apps.

IOBit Uninstaller claims to be able to batch uninstall software, but in this test it failed to automate the uninstallation of AIMP, Core Temp, FileZilla, Internet Download Manager, iTunes, KMPlayer, Mailbird, Firefox and Spotify and it required user’s help in uninstalling these apps.

Revo Uninstaller Pro claims to be able to batch uninstall software, but in this test it failed to automate the uninstallation of Blender, iTunes, Mailbird, Spotify, KMPlayer, Apple Mobile Device Support, AIMP, Internet Download Manager, IrfanView, Core Temp and Apple Software Update and it required user’s help in uninstalling these apps.

Total Uninstall does not support batch uninstallation at all and we had to manually click through every uninstaller. It was as much fun as visiting a dentist a second time during the same day.

You shouldn’t believe everything you see online - even if they use cool charts. So, if you want to verify that the above benchmark results are correct, we did a screen recording of the benchmark being performed. The video hasn’t been edited to be very entertaining, but we did apply some fast forward effect on the boring parts. Here it is:

Even with the video showing the benchmark results we present here are real, we suggest everyone to do their own research. And by this, we don’t mean to enter the weird side of the Internet, but to repeat the above method of testing yourself. Uninstall something with these uninstallers and use WinFindr to see how many leftovers remain.



The latest version of Uninstalr is version 1.1, released 27th July, 2023.

Uninstalr comes in two tasty flavors: Portable and Setup.

The portable version means that you have one Windows executable file that you can simply copy to any system you want and run it there. When you are done, you can just delete the executable file and there is no other uninstallation or anything else required.

👉 Click here to download the Portable version

The setup version comes with a setup file that you can run and it will install Uninstalr to your computer, it also creates a link in the Start Menu and Desktop to start the app and you can uninstall it from the Control Panel as you normally do with Windows apps.
👉 Click here to download the Setup version

Uninstalr works in Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. The size of the portable version is just 4.0 MB.

If you are unsure which version to download, you should download the Setup version.

When you buy a hammer, it probably comes with a warning label saying that you should not hit your finger with it. Anyway, this is the same kind of warning:

Before uninstalling anything, always follow the on-screen instructions within the software and carefully review all the data that Uninstalr says it will remove if you proceed with the uninstallation. Always create a backup before uninstalling anything. Only uninstall software you know you want to fully remove.


Change Log

Improvement: Added Uninstall to the Right Click menu, and you can now uninstall a single app by simply performing Right Click > Uninstall with it.

Improvement: Microsoft Store apps are now detected better. Previously their name or publisher data could be partially incorrect or missing.

Improvement: Added an option to the Settings page for user to choose the level of leftover data scanning. With this setting, it’s now possible to use Uninstalr to only run and automate the uninstallers of the apps that are being removed and without any additional leftover data removal.

Improvement: Portable app and leftover app detection is now more accurate.

Improvement: The distinction between Show All Data and Uninstall views is now better. The Show All Data view no longer displays the Uninstall button, either.

Improvement: The program now uses less RAM to operate. In some systems, the program might fail to start because of Out Of Memory error. This issue is not yet fully fixed, but it should now occur be even more rare.

Improvement: The Uninstallation data view now shows a tip explaining that the view might contain non-existing paths. This is done, because sometimes running an app’s uninstaller actually creates new data to the system. By listing non-existing paths, these paths will also be removed during the uninstallation.

Improvement: The installed software analysis should now work faster on most systems.

Fix: Changing the user interface language and then clicking Save Settings doesn’t always work. That is, the newly changed language setting is not saved.

Fix: In some cases, uninstalling any app could cause Windows to display Blue Screen of Death error message and reboot. This was entirely a cosmetic issue, there was no data loss or damage to the system.

Fix: The program assumes that Windows PowerShell is installed in the system and available. If it’s not, an error message was shown in such systems. This is now fixed and the program no longer assume that PowerShell is available.

First public version release 🚀


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